Booking help

  • Need your booking faster? Booking your cargo shipment online will do just that! You will also receive your completed air waybill via email.

How to complete your shipment online with WestJet Cargo:

  •  1. Select Book a shipment.
  •  2. Choose BOOK NOW if you already have an account. For one-time shipment, please click our non-account holder online form. Request a quote
  •  3. Complete all mandatory fields.

  • Client information

    •  1. Account number: Enter your account number. Don't have an account? Check our conditions to become an account holder here.
    •  2. Company name: Type your company name (as per your WestJet Cargo account).
    •  3. Telephone: Include your telephone number.
    •  4. Email: Include your email address (for booking information and air waybill receipt).
    •  5. Contact: Indicate your primary contact person.

    Shipment information

    •  1. Origin: Use the drop-down menu to choose the origin airport.
    •  2. Destination: Use the drop-down menu to choose the destination airport.
    •  3. Cargo Type: From the drop down menu, choose the appropriate cargo type:
         GEN - General Cargo
         AVI - Live Animals
         PER - Perishable Shipments
         KENNEL - Kennel shipments cats and dogs only
         DGR - Dangerous Goods (account holders only)
         Choosing KENNEL: From the drop-down menu complete required fields as noted
         Choosing DGR: From the drop-down menu complete the required fields as noted (account holders only)
    •  4. Departure date: Indicate the preferred flight departure date.
    •  5. Flight: Click on the Load grid and choose your flight button to select a flight from the available options.
         The chosen flights must respect warehouses opening hours. See Warehouse contact list.
    •  6. Air waybill number: Include the air waybill number that you would like to use as a reference. If you do not have a number, we will assign one.
    •  7. Pieces: In this field, indicate how many individual pieces you are planning to ship in your shipment.
    •  8. Kilograms: In this field, indicate the weight in kilograms of the entire shipment.
    •  9. Description: Indicate a precise description of the goods to be shipped.
    • 10. SSR (Special Service Request) 1, 2 and 3: Indicate any special information that may be required.
    • 11. Dimensions: In this field, indicate the length, width and height of each piece, either in centimetres or inches.
         Click on Centimetres to change the units of measurement to Inches.

    Shipper information

    • Please complete all fields in the Shipper information section.

    Consignee information

    • Please complete all fields in the Consignee information section.